Digital Transformation


Technological innovations have dramatically transformed the global business landscape in many ways over a couple of centuries--from the invention of the steam engine that ushered in the Industrial Revolution to today’s digital transformation that involves Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Cloud Computing. These topics are considered relevant and game changers in today’s businesses which promise to advance a process become more efficient or effective.

NOAH Business Applications has cloud ready applications capable of running over top cloud solutions provider like Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google cloud services that focus on the advancement in the digital transformation of organizations. The foundation in terms of Business Rules, Workflow, Process Flow, and Data Flow solidify the realization of organizations initiatives towards Digital Transformation advancing Controllership, Customer Service, Cost Management, Risk Management, Cash Flow Management, Financial Controls, Financial Reporting, Analytics, Value Creation, Regulatory Compliance and Investor Relations.

NOAH Business Applications’ advancement in digital transformation is manifested in the User Experience, Alerts, Notices, Dashboards, Controllership, Data Organization, Visibility, Speed and Performance Measurements based on Key Results Areas (KRAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Further, on top of functional advancements comes the reinforced levels of security and authentications such as ADSO and Google authentication.

Today, considering digital transformation as a strategic move for organizations and businesses is more urgent than before. However, since the emergence of digital transformation into the mainstream consciousness a few years back, studies claim that many executives and CFOs of organizations are still grappling with its meaning and implementation. We at NOAH Business Applications would like to share with you our Gallery of Business Applications and our Project Implementation Methodology that will help you on your journey towards digital transformation. For any gap analysis requirements on your current business process, you may contact us at (+632) 8897-1435 or email us at to set a consultation at your most convenient time. With NOAH, we strive to bring you our digital expertise. In NOAH Business Applications, advancement is our goal.