Gallery of Business Applications

Brought by over 2 decades of well-earned experience and expertise in implementing business solutions, our company adheres to the organization's need to continuously transform their business processes to meet market demands and define their cutting edge advantages. Thus, the NOAH Business Applications was created. Typically, an organization will implement a packaged solution having boxed-in features and functions that are readily available but will only resolve a portion of the required business and operational requirements forcing the organization to adapt to the packaged solution. With the NOAH Business Applications, specific processes and procedures of the organization are locked in with the technology design of the business application creating sophisticated functions that will synchronize with the organization's business rules and operations. A quantum leap in business computing that delivers faster and more competent benefits to mission critical organizations.

Regulatory Compliant

With the constant changes in the statutory and reportorial requirements of governing bodies, adhering to such is highly significant. Our company prides itself of continuous research on the latest rulings and regulations providing up-to-date localization of the core applications for compliance.

Strong Controllership

Intrinsic in NOAH Business Applications are the use of effective dates, assignments, and record approvals and deactivations. This feature leads to impeccable results. The data generated from the systems can be trusted and depend on by the entire organization. The comprehensive audit trails offer high rates of confidence in the data. Management receives data visibility in different perspectives, allowing them to focus on critical items requiring immediate attention. With this data visibility, management is given both macro and micro data analysis level, thereby providing scientific support to corporate business initiatives. Plugged-in with relevant security and access controls, audit trails are also made available. These audit records contain attributes such as date and time of record, status and respective users accountable. In conjunction with appropriate tools and procedures, these audit trails assist in detecting security violations, performance problems, and flaws in applications. NOAH Business Applications integrates the use of audit logs from recording, updating, deletion, approval or disapproval, and cancellation of records and transactions. It readily provides Transaction Logs for all transaction types in comprehensive views to be used by various user groups.

Business Rules Driven

The success of the implementation is anchored on the business rules sessions conducted by our company's consultants together with management and process owners to identify the consistency and harmonization of business scenarios considering processes, calculations, templates and data flows from entry to reports in all departments involved. Our consulting team is handpicked to implement the NOAH Business Applications. It is a melting pot of Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Technology Professionals highly skilled to deliver solutions in a wide range of business scenarios covering various fields such as Strategic and Operational Planning, Finance and Accounting, Banking, Manufacturing, Retail, Distribution, Analytics and Mobile Applications.